Street art as a social and aesthetic phenomenon of urbanized space

  • Alla Vasyurina Sumy State University
  • Alla Klimova Sumy State University
Keywords: street-art, mural, creativity, aesthetics, cityscape


The article covers the essence and content of such a socio-aesthetic direction as “street art”, analyzes the factors of influence that led to the emergence of this genre of fine urban art and the ideas that guide street art. The emphasis is made on the social significance of the content of street art. The author reveals the essence of street art as a modern means of visual expression of actual ideas and feelings of society. Street art in modern science is often viewed in the context of bright “challenges of the present”, which has changed the status almost from the marginal phenomenon to contemporary art. Today, interest in street art is increasing, because street art does not cease to evolve, being embodied in new forms.
In this paper, the term “street art” is used to denote the diversity of street painting, where the city becomes a canvas (walls of buildings, fences). The author selected morals among the many artistic expressions of street art for the study. The history of the antral (ancient civilization, the Middle Ages, modernity) is considered in the paper. The factors contributing to the development of street art are analyzed, various traditions of street monumental painting are highlighted, which were often associated with historical features of socio-cultural life. Also, attention is paid to the Ukrainian antlers, their artistic values, but above all to social significance. Ukrainian street artists raise and reproduce topical issues of the present with visual means: freedom, equality, value of life, justice, love. The history of the Ukrainian anthem is directly related to the history of the formation of Ukrainian cultural identity, the rise of patriotism, awareness of national identity and uniqueness.


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