Ancient, culturally rich and untarnished nation – Kurds

  • Natalia Vorona Sumy State University
Keywords: Kurds, mentality, culture, traditions, religion, history


The purpose of article is analyze the cultural achievements and mental peculiarities of the Kurds, as well as the interest of other researchers in the study of this perspective, but not sufficiently developed by Ukrainian scholars topic. The topicality of this scientific exploration can be explained by several reasons. First, the Kurds are one of the national minorities in Ukraine, the number of which is constantly growing. Second, not only the Kurds and their nearest neighbors are interested in resolving the Kurdish problem on a global scale, it is important for many European countries, including ours. Thirdly, the historical fate of the Kurds and measurably their national character remind Ukrainians’, although there are significant differences. The Kurds are a very ancient and multimillion nation with a developed culture, which has never had its statehood during lots of centuries, although it always sought to capture it. Their mentality is not very characteristic for the East, and there are certain features that are more common for Europeans. Kurdish nationalism is not arrogant and not demonstrative, it is internal and deep, suffered for many years of difficult struggle. Understanding of the national character of the Kurds should help Ukrainians successfully co-operate with them not only within Ukraine.


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