Futures Literacy: a New Value in Axiology and the Task of Modern Education

  • Maryna Kazandzhyieva Sumy State University
  • Liudmyla Erjomenko Sumy State University
Keywords: personality, values, value orientation, value-motivational sphere, axiological picture of the world


In the situation of socio-economic, political, national-ethnic frustration of the world com-munity, the need for unifying ideas is largely actualized. Such ideas were suggested by the members of the Club of Rome in the 50th jubilee report. First of all, it is about a fundamental transformation of thinking, resulting in a holistic worldview: “humanistic but free from anthropocentrism, open to development but appreciative of sustainability and caring about the future”. It is this worldview that can both help to overcome various local crises, and also to become the basis for developing a strategy of responsible globalism and sustainable development in a situation of a systemic crisis.
Relating to education, it is about the “new Enlightenment”, the formation of a spiritually-moral worldview, new axiological approaches. One of the practical ways of integrating the society’s democratic values with the goal of overcoming the present-day global crisis is the formation of “literacy with respect to the future”.
The article attempts to establish correlations between the factors of “literacy with respect to the future” and the components of the value-motivational sphere. It considers the possibilities of transforming the axiological picture of the world taking into account the new tasks of education. The idea of a dialogue of cultures under multiethnic conditions, as well as ethnic tolerance as a value in the era of globalization, is being actualized. The crisis of the value system and the transformation of the axiological picture of the world, in general, are explained from a perspective of a systemic crisis. The connection of the system of modern students’ meaningful orientations with modern social strategies is shown. The causes of changes in student youth’s value orientations are analyzed.


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