Turkmen crafts: historical past and presents

  • Alla Rodenko Sumy State University
  • Guldjan Bazarova Sumy State University
Keywords: craft, smithing, pottery, jewelry art, rug weaving, tradition, ornament


The description of national Turkmen crafts is provided in the article such as foreign, pottering, jewelry, rug weaving and others. Attention is paid to the his-tory of their genesis and development, to the preservation of traditions in mod-ern products of handicraftsmen. The skillful works of Turkmen masters differ considerably from household items and jewelry of most of other Central Asian peoples. First of all in concerns the famous Turkmen carpet. The main ornamen-tal elements of the Turkmen carpet reflecting the religious beliefs of ancient Turkmens have become national symbols and decorate many architectural mon-uments in Ashgabat. The carpet is one of the national symbols and the property of the Republic in modern Turkmenistan. In its honor since 1992 year on the last Sunday of May there has been the official national festival “Day of the Turkmen carpet”. Crafts of Turkmenistan are not only of great interest from the point of view of ethnography but they are also a significant component in the world cultural heritage.


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